The SSMR was established under the Fisheries Act #11 of 1987 and by the Statutory Rules and Orders (SRO) #18 of 1998. Due to increasing demand placed upon a limited resource by various users a protection and management plan had to be implemented, the Reserve was ratified for the following reasons:

Dive Fest

A Local Area Management Authority (LAMA) was established under SRO#17 of 1998. This legal authority is made up of various stakeholders relating to the enterprise namely; fishermen, village councillors, The Hospitality Industry, Dominica Watersports Association, Dominica Coast Guard and the Fisheries Division.

warden moves logmarine researchLAMA is charged with managing the affairs of the SSMR in keeping with its rules and regulations. Wardens are empowered by law to collect user fees, maintain the moorings, monitor the reefs and maintain the infrastructure. LAMA also facilitates scientific research and monitoring.

All persons entering the SSMR are required to pay a nominal fee, either to the Wardens, directly to the manager at the office, or through an approved Dive operation. The user fee goes straight back into maintaining the SSMR and its resources.