Within the SSMR there are four zones. Each set aside for its own particular activity.

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Fishing Priority

This area of the SSMR is set aside for fishing. It provides a source of food security, servicing to local communities who depend on the sea and its resources, as well as new opportunities to generate sustainable income.

The immediate community views the SSMR as serving only two (2) purpose namely fishing and tourist/scuba diving activities. While the SSMR offers opportunity for livelihood development, very few residents take advantage of this mostly because of their limited view of the resources.


Fish Nursery

This area is a fish sanctuary, just off the northern end of the Soufriere beach was determined to be a valuable spawning ground for pelagic and reef fish. Fishing and scuba dive/snorkel is prohibited in this area.

Fish Sanctuaries are anticipated to gradually increase fish population affected by over-fishing and habitat degradation. Sanctuary establishment has been scientifically proven to improve fish stock by 3 to 21 times it original biomass. Furthermore, due to the 'spill over' effect, adjacent marine areas benefit as excess fish from the reserve will migrate into these areas where fishing is allowed.


Scuba Diving

There are several areas set aside for scuba diving; these areas are demarcated by buoys placed for dive boats only.

The Soufriere Scott's Head Bay is regarded by several internationally recognized Scuba Dive establishments, travel agencies and magazines, as one of the best Scuba Dive sites in the world.


Recreational Swimming

The section located at the beach called "Tous sable" is set aside as a recreational area for swimming and snorkeling from shore. In Soufriere, there is the Bubble Beach where the hot springs are right at the water's edge.

Yacht/Boat users should be advised that the Customs & Excise division issues a coast wide permit, which allows anchorage in certain areas around Dominica's Coast. The SSMR is totally off limits to this and only certain activities are permitted within the area. The peninsula at Cachacrou is also the starting point for the proposed Waitukubuli trail, a hiking trail which runs the length of Dominica.